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The painting of this furniture is handmade by DEODARA's crew. Water based paint (only without chemical substances) is used exclusively. This enables to have a non-toxic and odorless product, to develop the softness of surfaces and to reduce the pollution of soil, water and atmosphere. All the oak's components are treated with oxide based colours and varnishing. The result is a very natural painting. This operation is done with accuracy by hand and you can choose from 5 types. Linden tree and tanganika parts are lacquered by hand with a brush, with light colours. Here they are 5 tones.


DEODARA looks for the best technologies to create resistant and safe products every day. During the production, the manufacturing is done with accuracy, using specific glues for plugging and metallic staples, screws and eccentric rods. The structure, consisting of bottom, top panel, lateral sides and back panel, is the base of the cabinet. It's manufactured with oak strip panel wood (thick. 18mm) and it has pillars and removable side panels. The advantage of this system is the possibility of substitution: you can transform your product by removing and installing new finishing elements. The base structure won't be touched. The structure is made of strip wood to guarantee more stability and resistance. The back sides and the bottoms of the drawers are made of plywood. The outside parts are consisted of strip wood and/or solid wood. Base and tall units have metal adjustable support feet. Behind the kitchen there is a 6cm space that permits adequate ventilation and passage for tubes and cables. Sink base units have an aluminum layer that makes them easy to clean and gives to the bottom better protection. This is a guarantee of better hygiene.


All the structures are made with strip panel wood, poplar plywood wood and/or solid wood. The first is a panel made of 5 layers of thickness 15 or 18mm (from the outside to the inside):
  1. longitudinal core of fir-wood strips glued together;
  2. transversal surface of poplar above and over fir-wood (thick. 2mm);
  3. "noble layer" of oak or tanganika (thick. 0,6mm) attached to poplar in longitudinal sense.

The plywood (thick. 8mm) is made, instead, by more and more layers of poplar glued together and covered on the outside with oak or tanganika (thick. 0,6mm). The joining of all layers is made with ureic resin with low concentration of formaldehyde. The solid wood is obtained by cutting, planing and sanding raw planks. In DEODARA there are two types: oak and linden tree.

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