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THE APPS TO DESIGN HOMETo design home. That’s a statement that recalls great satisfactions and huge efforts. Nevertheless, today it’s truly available to everyone to draw the plan of the home starting from a white sheet or to visualize three-dimensional spaces in which insert the furnishings that are liked. There are many cases in which a technical support is useful. A professional help could show us how the home could be shaped according to our ideas:

  • To design the room disposition from scratch
  • To modify the position of the walls
  • To determine the position and the measures of the furniture
  • To understand if a certain kind of furniture is appropriate in a determinate context
  • To choose the new colour of the walls and the wallpaper
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Often, it’s an image that we have seen in a magazine or, increasingly nowadays, it’s a picture published on social networks. The step is short from here to the idea to apply this distribution of spaces or that furnish solution in our home.

The summer period is the perfect moment to try services that the web provides to test a particular design of the spaces, virtually realizing an idea before to reach a professional designer to actually develop the project.

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There are several available apps, many of them are completely free of charge, and others have got a basic version. Let’s see some of them:

  • Home Design 3D: It is useful to visualize in 2D and 3D a certain space. The basic version allows to open standard models and to modify them upon personal needs, moving and adding walls, inserting furnishing items, choosing the texture of the floors and last, experimenting the colours of the walls and the tiles.
  • Archiproducts: It’s a catalogue of the available materials and solutions for architecture and interior design. It’s easy and intuitive and it permits to visualize a determined object in the position in which it could be placed.
  • Sikkens: It’s an app that permits to test the colour of the walls. In such a way, a large set of solutions could be tested.
  • Tubucolor : It analyses an existing photo, creating a colour grade in order to help to match colours and fabrics. There is an extremely useful function that permits to convert each personalized shade in the main colour code systems (ex. RGB).

Using these instruments, you can determine whether or not what you have in mind is applicable in your spaces. Another useful tip is to use a paper tape to mark on the floor the sizes of the furnish that you are imagining. In this way you will try how it is like to move in the available spaces, and that’s really important, because the beauty of a certain space is given by the correct equilibrium of filled and empty spaces.
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